How do I select frames to try at home

Go to the product you want to try.


Select Frame Only - Logo Lens

Scroll down and click TRY BEFORE YOU BUY button.

You can select 2 - 5 frames each time.

How do I return frames after trying at home?

Visit HERE

Which countries can try at home?

The United Kingdom.

We can only offer this in our home country.

We do ship products internationally and do accept international returns.

Will I get my deposit back after trying at home?

If you keep the frames you love, the deposit will be used to pay the final balance.

If you return all frames you will recieve £10 of your deposit back when the frames are returned safely.

We charge a £10 restocking fee to cover our costs supplying this amazing service.

Will I pay the return shipping costs when returning frames?

No, simply use your Blackcart email link to process the return.

A label will be generated for you.

Stick this to the postal bag supplied and take to your local post office.

Non Blackcart users will have to pay for any return shipments.

are blue light protecting lenses available?


We have made them available in the lens selector for all lens options on each 'Glasses' product page.

Are Prescription Glasses Free?

No prescription glasses are not completely free.  But in the UK the price of glasses are subsidised by the state for all children under 16. 

For adults it depends on your employment status and financial means as to whether you will may obtain financial assistance towards the cost of prescription glasses.

Some opticians do provide a limited range of prescription glasses with no extra cost added on top of the assistance given.

So technically you could obtain them for free.  But the costs are paid for by the state.

Are room, work, computer varifocals available?

Yes, but we currently make a custom order for you and email to you.

We are developing this option to be available via the prescription lens options on the main product page.

Can Glasses Cause Headaches?

Glasses can cause headaches if the glasses are not fitted correctly, the centre of the lenses are located incorrectly, the lens form is different, the pantoscopic tilt is incorrect, the lens powers are incorrect and if the Optometrists prescription is incorrect. 

Do you correct for prism?

Yes, you will see when entering your script a checkbox labelled PRISM.

Clicking this will open further dropdown menus for you to enter in those details.

We always check your enteries against an uploaded script, to ensure accuracy.

do you ship to the USA?

Yes, we send more to the USA then anywhere else!

do you supply as ready to wear reading glasses?


Please fill out your details and in the comments box tell us the frame and reading power you require - Click Here

We will make the order and email a link that will allow you to purchase.

Do your glasses correct for astigmatism?


How are prescription glasses made?

Glasses or spectacle frames are supplied by factories all over the world to wholesalers and multiple Optician retailers, who store them ready for customers to try on. 

Glasses are supplied with plane dummy lenses in the frame usually with the brand logo painted onto the lens.  This keeps the lens shape intact during shipping, storage and provides a good aesthetic look when trying them on.

Prescription lenses are supplied by lens manufacturers and stored in spectacle lens workshops either onsite within opticians, or offsite at specialist factories.

The lens is usually in a semi-finished form, meaning the front surface of the lens is polished with a specific curve.  Then the lab polishes ‘surfaces’ the back surface to the specified power.

Then the glasses frame is digitally scanned via the inner bevel that holds the lens in place.  The lens is then cut and edged automatically by machine and fitted by the technician securely into the frame.

how to order glasses online?

At JOIUSS we have simplified the process of buying glasses online.  Read this blog post for more detailed information - Read Post

How Do I Measure my Pupil distance?

The PD is a very simple measurement to perform.  Please see our article that will give you all the information to perform this like a professional! - Read More

How Long Will My Prescription Glasses Order Take?

For all the latest shipping information and delivery dates please see here - Read More

Where are prescription glasses made?

Prescription glasses are made all over the world.  Generally, in two stages, spectacle frame manufacture and spectacle lens manufacture.  China has the highest concentration of factories in the world that export to every nation in the world.  Other major countries include the USA, Italy and Japan.

Will Glasses Help Eyestrain?

Yes.  If caused by a continuous blurred image, over accommodation (focusing) or a misalignment of the eyes.

Will My Prescription Glasses Be Thick?

Prescription glass lens thickness is determined by the powers found prescribed by the Optometrist or digital device like the Eye Que.

The final thickness of the lens is governed by the refractive value of the lens material known as refractive index and the curvature required to focus the light to the value of the prescription.

The higher the refractive value of the lens material the flatter the curve needed, therefore reducing the overall thickness of the material.

Here at JOIUSS we have taken the pain away by integrating a module that recommends the best cosmetic lens while balancing the best visual performance for you as part of all product pages.