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Eyedrops Replace Reading Glasses - VUITY

Eyedrops Instead of Reading Glasses Is Vuity a revolutionary new eye treatment to help reading glasses wearers over 45 years of age? How does VUITY work? It uses an old ingredient used by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists for decades called Pilocarpine.

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Are Prescription Glasses Blue Light Blocking?

Not automatically. Can Prescription Glasses Blue Light Blocking? The good news is Yes!  How Do Glasses Block Blue Light? Glasses can block blue light by using a protective coating added to the surface of the lens or tinted colour to absorb specific wavelengths of blue light. The coating is made a certain thickness and uses destructive wave interference to stop blue light passing through the lens. How Do I Order Blue Blocking Prescription Glasses? Easily! Here at JOIUSS we have made it very easy to select blue blocking lenses for your Prescription glasses. After choosing the USE of glasses from the lens selector it will allow you to select the lens material you want.  Select 'BLUE BLOCKING' and a menu...

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