Brand Story

Brand Inspiration

Doreen Jackson was born 21-05-1932 and is the inspiration JOIUSS™.

Growing up during the great depression and the 2nd World War she witnessed hardship and uncertainty.

After was a time to live life to the full, enjoy friends, family, fashion, culture and all the amazing opportunities to come.


The name is an anagram of my children's names Julia, Oscar and Ischia.

We used the first and second letters to create the brand name JOIUSS (pronounced JOY-USS and meaning joyful) 

Why Glasses?

My nana couldn't see without glasses at all from being a child and had to wear boring simple frames.

To honour her memory and exuberant nature we wanted to recreate one of her true loves.  Stunning fashion eyewear.  In particular, the flamboyant shapes and styles of glasses and sunglasses from the '50s and 60s, using the very latest high-quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques.

Why Now?

She often longed for those shapes and styles to come back into fashion.  But as British glasses manufacturers closed and production moved to the far east many of those glorious designs were lost.

The collection was designed in response to customers seeking a wider choice of shapes, colours and decorative spectacle frames not currently available on the highstreet.  Those that can be found are often extremely expensive.

Why Online?

Designer eyewear can be extremely expensive, but with the ability to source and supply direct to the customer online.  We can now offer boutique hand-made quality glasses frames in many shapes, colours and prints with new and interesting techniques to decorate at an exceptional value.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to mixing vintage style with modern design to bring joy, expression and positivity to glasses wearers at an exceptional value.

Our Pledge

  1. Creating unique fashion eyewear, using quality materials that fit a modern wearer.
  2. Simplify the process when ordering prescription glasses online
  3. Help you look and feel amazing.

    Your Mission

    As a wearer and brand advocate your mission is to:

    • Be the bigger person, in all situations
    • Surround yourself with positivity
    • Help, serve and respect others
    • Express yourself freely with joy as if no one is watching

    I know if we can achieve this together, my nana would be very proud and we can be truly JOIUSS™, even without her legendary fruit loaf!

    Warmest Regards

    Paul Gibson

    Founding and managing director of Fan Frames Limited, sole owner and distributor of the JOIUSS™ brand.